Shotguns & Rifles

My shop offers a variety of weapons that, over years of experience both in the field and on the range, have proved to be of the finest quality. In many cases, this has taken generations to achieve. Some of these weapons have already become classics and even new guns of the right make; will become the classics of the future.


One of my favourites is an AYA designed as a traditional English side-by-side game gun, either sidelock or boxlock. This we build to your personal specifications and is marked "....balanced and regulated for A. von Papen".
Of course your decision of calibre, type of engraving and quality of wood, will determine the final price. It is my job to advise you on length of barrel, bore, balance and precise measurements of the stock.

I am always happy to supply you with excellent shotguns, whether side-by-side or over-and-under, built in Italy, Belgium or even London. Over the years I have built up excellent personal relationships with the owners of many of the best known houses, so its never a problem for you to try one of their guns here at the range to ensure you get exactly what you want.


If you wish to own an Express rifle, a Double rifle or a weapon combining different calibres, or you want to have alterations made to the weapon you already own, get in touch and I am always happy to advise.

Service & Scopes:

Leave your weapons with me for restocking, servicing or mounting a new telescopic sight on your rifle. At my range you will have the chance to try different brands of 'scopes to find the one which suits you best.

Its easy to get in touch with best makers in Ferlach, Suhl, Eckernförde, Hamburg or London. Just write and always feel free to use my name.

Have the weapon of your dreams made to measure! But let me guide you as you take the first steps towards the perfect gun.