Shooting Coach

Having worked for the past 25 years at the range in Heisterberg, following my training at the "Holland & Holland" Shooting School in London and later shooting visits to America, I have gathered a wide experience of shotgun and rifle shooting.

Your first experience using my try-gun to get your stock measurements, could be the first step on a new sucessful route on which I would like to accompany you.

The try-gun I use is a traditional cal. 12/70/ej. side-by-side Anson, which is so perfectly balanced you might mistake it for one of the best London makes. It is a true masterpiece of Liege craftsmanship and has a quality of its own which, down the years, has made it like a right hand to me when completing correct gunstock measurements.

The only way to get accurate stock measurements to fit the individual shot is with a try-gun under the supervision of a skilled shooting coach.

Understanding the variety of human shapes that we are all differently built with a wide variation of bodies certainly should be payed some attention when using the trygun.

There are many questions which need to be answered. What type of gun are the measurements being taken for, single or double trigger? Long or short fore-end ? Long barrels ? Over-and-Under? What balance?
It needs imagination as to how the new stock will feel to the new owner and an experienced "eye" to decide the right drop, length and cast to be recorded.
This written record should be the basis of clean effective shooting, and it is the method the English Shooting Schools have been using for centuries.

It`s always interesting to observe shooters trying different guns and listen to their opinion about shooting and hitting targets.

On top of this the gunstocks which already exist : …" are we born to fit stocks ?!"

How much simpler it would be for learners to hit the target - if only there was less complication in their minds. I originally set out to become a shooting coach rather than a psychologist, but curiously, I have found that one seems to compliment the other very nicely. But that's for you to decide.